Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stagflation, dare I say it?: "I've been familiar with the term 'stagflation' for years and understand well that it describes a disastrous economic condition where growth is stagnating, but inflation is climbing. But I think today was the first day I actually said the word..." —Well Spent

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ad Tech SF 2005 Day 1: "I spent all day yesterday at AdTech. I have to say it was a mental throwback... I felt that I was warped into a time machine to 1996 Internet World. A lot of energy, new young faces, a ton of hype, beer being served in the exhibit hall, huge crowds..." —John Furrier
VC Funding Dropped... Or Did It?: "The most interesting theory is simply that VCs may not be telling anyone about investments they're doing." —Techdirt

Monday, April 25, 2005

One Thing Leads to Another in the Bubble Cycle Wonderland: "'There has been widespread denial that there could be anything like a real estate 'bubble,' even given recent activity. Yet, anyone with a pulse can see wild speculation taking place all around them.'..." —AlwaysOn Network
The New King of the Real Estate Boom: "Toll, of course, is not anticipating a downturn." —Fortune
Housing Experts Wary of Bubble Fatigue: "While debates about whether the robust housing market will burst like a bubble or land like a slowly deflating balloon dominate discussions everywhere—from think tanks to cocktail parties—most agree that what goes up must come down." —Reuters via Yahoo News

Friday, April 22, 2005

Netflix shares drop on outlook, marketing push: "Shares of Netflix Inc. tumbled Friday after the online video rental company lowered its revenue forecast while it steps up its spending on marketing." —MarketWatch
Yow. GOOG 250: "Safa Rashtchy, whose opinion I value, just came out with a his first report on Google (so far I only have the PDF), setting a price target for GOOG of 250. The stock has been moving up alot, it went up on anticipation of Yahoo's good numbers yesterday, and today it's up again, to nearly 200. But 250?" —John Battelle
Dot.Bubble: "Buried in VeriSign's earnings was this bit of news: Domain name registrations were up 23% sequentially; .com registrations hit an all time record of 40 million plus, driven mainly by 'pay for click' advertising.Sign that things are getting frothy?" —Om Malik on Broadband

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Housing demand leads to more 'flipping': "The potentially risky practice has hit a new high in Santa Clara County, according to recent data. As home prices have increased, so has public interest in reaping quick profits from the hot Bay Area real estate market." —

Friday, April 15, 2005 "The question everyone asks is 'what is the business model'.  To be completely and totally honest, we don't yet know.  This was a seed investment and none of the investors put up very much capital.  Joshua retained complete control of the service and is going to focus on making it better.  That is all anyone wants to see happen right now.  In time it will become clear what the business model should be.  And there are a number of them to choose from for sure." —Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures)
Is There An Online Ad Bubble?: "Back in the mid-90s, during the original internet bubble, just about every consumer business plan (that wasn't about e-commerce) was about online advertising. Everyone was focused on getting eyeballs and making their sites 'sticky' for advertisers. However, the bottom fell out of that market when the bubble popped -- and people realized that online ads weren't that effective. So, now that everyone's focused on online ads, some are beginning to wonder if this is a bubble that will pop as well."—Techdirt

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Siebel Ousts CEO, Taps Former Webvan Head (Reuters): "Siebel Systems Inc. ousted Chief Executive Michael Lawrie on Wednesday, days after the business software maker warned quarterly sales would be the lowest in five years and as a group of disgruntled shareholders was to meet to mull the company's future."—Yahoo! Finance: SEBL

Yeah, baby, Webvan!
Condemned To Repeat The Past?: "Indeed, we're already seeing startups and companies making business decisions that seem like they're following the same bad footsteps companies took only five years ago. Is it any surprise that some are repeating the mistakes of 200 years ago as well?"—Techdirt

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Venture Capitalists End 2004 on Good Note: "Venture capitalists ended 2004 on their most profitable run since the dot-com bust, continuing a gradual recovery that has coincided with the stock market's renewed interest in young companies." —Associated Press
Is the Internet Under-Hyped? Hell Yes!: "Last year, legendary venture capitalist John Doerr of VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers got to offer two predictions for the next one-to-three years to an attentive Churchill Club audience. His first pick was 'the Internet is under-hyped.' Our headline tells you how we feel about that prediction. Why are we so confident? First, all the key Internet economy numbers are back on track..."—AlwaysOn Network
August Capital's $550M Fourth Fund Open To Large Private Equity Deal: "August Capital has closed its largest fund yet, a $550 million fourth fund, more than 20% bigger than the $450 million fund raised during the bubble, something you certainly don't see much of these days." —VentureWire Alert
Travelzoo Hammered on Earnings (at "The stock, which rose over 1,000% last year and briefly traded around $100 a share, has been cut in half in 2005. The selling in shares of the online travel publishing Web site is likely to continue Tuesday following a disappointing first quarter earnings report."—Yahoo! Finance: TZOO

Monday, April 11, 2005

A Bubble in Bubbles?: "Barry Ritholtz, chief market strategist at Maxim Group, has written an amusing commentary about the bull market in bubbles that we seem to be in the midst of. He cites references to bubbles in housing, China, debt, oil, and interest rates. Yet he concludes that most of these are not bubbles at all, even if they are examples of rapid price appreciation."—Well Spent

So meta.
$1.3 bln of venture investments in India in 2004, growth of 49%: "Venture capital investments reached $1.3 bln in India in 2004, a growth of 49% over 2003, according to National Association of Software and Service Companies. In 2001 and 2002, the VC and private equity investments were at $1,135 mln and $1,050 mln respectively. More on this story at"—AlwaysOn Network
Web 2.0 Weekly Wrap-up, 4-10 Apr 2005: "And I loved the bit about RSS Aggregators being 'browser 2.0'. A bit corny perhaps, but it's a nice analogy for how RSS is changing the Web."—Richard MacManus closes a round of financing, led by Fred Wilson: "Niall has the scoop: Joshua Schachter, after going pro two weeks ago, has closed a round of financing led by Fred Wilson's new fund, Union Square Ventures. Other co-investors were:, Marc Andreessen, BV Capital, Esther Dyson, Seth Goldstein, Josh Koppelman, Howard Morgan, Tim O'Reilly, and Bob Young round out the investment group. No mention of terms or amount yet."—Jeff Clavier (SoftTech)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Will Google hit $200 before it reports on April 21?: "Will Google shares reach $200 before the company reports quarterly results?"—MarketWatch

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Why The Dollar Could Demolish Your Home: "As the Fed tightens up against the euro, spiking interest rates will bring real estate values down."—Forbes

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Click fraud makes the Wall Street Journal front page: "It appears that investors have learned NOTHING from the original mania and subsequent collapse.  Well, i suppose they've learned at least one thing- they have been f---ed again."—F---edGoogle

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All Together Now: Blame Enron!: "The most startling suggestion in the book, one for which Eichenwald will probably be boiled alive, is that Lay and Jeff Skilling, Enron's former CEOs, may not have committed crimes. Not, as Skilling argues, that they did nothing wrong—the smoldering scrap pile that was once one of the world's largest corporations is proof that they did something wrong—but just that they may not have broken the law."—Henry Blodget for Slate
CNET Buys Photo-Sharing Startup (Associated Press): "In the latest of a rush of online photography deals, CNET Networks Inc. said Tuesday that it bought a photo management and networking startup to bolster its Webshots photo-sharing site."—Yahoo! Finance: GOOG
Shares soar as Napster raises Q4 sales outlook: "Napster Inc.'s shares surged as much as 19% Tuesday after the online music-service company raised its fourth-quarter revenue forecast due to a growing subscriber base."—MarketWatch
IPOs Take A Breather: "According to Bloomberg, the value of IPOs sold in the first quarter of 2005 rose 47% from last year to $10.1 billion, the highest amount since a record $18 billion was sold in the first quarter of 2000."—Deal Flow

Monday, April 04, 2005

Money is moving back in, and out, of venture capitalists' coffers: "One sign is the huge amount of new money being committed to American venturefunds by investors who feel they missed, or hope to resurrect, the terrific returns of the late 1990s. Another aspect is that some of the money raised during the boom is only now being invested. The result is that start-ups are seeing a fast influx of financing, which is pushing up valuations. ‘There is a lot of recidivist, bubble-like behaviour,’ says the managing partner of one fund with over $2 billion under management."—via Jeff Nolan (SAP Ventures)
Hey! Look over here! We gave up our bonuses!: "All over the news tonight are stories of how Google is being 'stingy' with the cashola- their board of directors officially decided not to give Sergey, Larry, and Eric any bonuses this year. This, of course, is the news that will be repeated on CNBC in the morning, while failing to mention that those three execs have sold 500 million dollars worth of Google stock in the last three months alone. If a half-billion dollars in your pocket doesn't count as a bonus, what does?"—F---edGoogle

I just found this site. Hilarious.
Next Big Tech Ideas May Be Small Ones: "Five years after the tech boom went bust, there's a dearth of million dollar or billion dollar ideas, or so some fret. But it doesn't mean that there is no smart new technology to wow consumers. It's just that people are finding more efficient ways to do it."—Reuters via Yahoo! News
D2Audio raises $12.5M in venture funding: "D2Audio, an Austin company focused on designing and manufacturing digital amplifiers, raised $12.5 million in a Series C round of funding."—Austin Business Journal