Friday, March 25, 2005

2005 is like 1997: "Earlier this week, Zeldman riffed on the Blog/Brand panel at SXSW and Jim Coudal’s question, ‘Should your blog have a business?’ As Jeffrey notes, ‘do it right, and you might be free to quit your day job.’ You may also become an accidental blogger, as Molly discussed, a traffic driving pundit like Glenn Flieschman, a manifesto machine like Scoble, or design a killer web app like Jason Fried. We hope to have all of those bloggers, including myself, and more at the next BBS 05. We may even add a panel on how to quit your day job. As Mike Davidson noted, in his SXSW wrap-up, 2005 is indeed the next 1997. Except this time let’s do it with less foosball tables, real business plans, balance sheets, and less greed."—Blog Business Summit